Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wade in the water...

It isn’t a perfect story, although a friend kindly called it that. The Main Muse says it is the best story I’ve written. What I know for sure is that it is as good as anything I’ve written. It turned out just the way I saw it when I began writing it, and it surprised me several times along the way. Most of my short stories leave the “ending” to the reader. This one comes to a definite conclusion, and manages to still have a future. I like it very much.  It makes me hopeful about the next project.

Now I need to find somebody who will pay me to publish it. Writing stories is a low-overhead endeavor, but it is necessary to try to wring a little money out of it so one can pay some of the bills that piled up while writing.

Wade in the Water recounts William Erwin’s escape from the local eldercare facility, and it reminds us that every escape from somewhere is an escape to somewhere else. When his story finds a home, I’ll let you know where to read it.

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