Tuesday, July 3, 2018

.Another fine job...

The desk and chair that I ordered for my "winter lodge" aka writer's hole arrived a day early. I have a fine chair now. The carton containing the desk had obviously been subject to enemy fire during transit. When I opened it, I found more pieces inside than were listed on the assembly instructions. Another fine demolition job by UPS. Until the replacement arrives, perhaps even intact, my old printer stand from a former life will have to do desk duty. I prefer nice furniture to write on but it isn't a requirement..

My "temporary" work station just inside our front door wound up keeping me underfoot for going-on three years while I wrote two novels and some few short stories. The Main Muse is no doubt delighted to be getting her desk back, though she's too kind to tell me so.

Just between you and me, I'm going to miss the mail carrier, the phone calls, imposed conversations and unexpected visitors,even the UPS guy - all the distractions I've been able to blame for my laziness.

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