Sunday, May 20, 2018

...only human.

It is human to strive to be dangerous and important. We all desire to achieve and surpass, to make some mark in the world that time won’t erase as quickly as it will us.

On the other hand, we can also take comfort in our smallness and our weakness. We can find peace gazing at that mountain that was here before us and will remain after us, hardly touched by all our strife and struggle. We are fleeting, but the mountains abide, changeless, it seems to us in our brief sojourn.

Yet all is changing, becoming and unbecoming moment by moment, year by year, millennia by millennia, great outcomes hinging on slightest events. A stone carelessly kicked atop a seedling might prevent a tree. Our tiny span, well-spent or ill, can open or close a way that would reverberate centuries beyond our few days. Whether we know it or not, want it or not, we are the difference in our children’s world.

So, pay attention. Be careful. Show mercy to great and small. You never know…

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