Tuesday, May 8, 2018

...looking back.

Americans have cultivated skills better suited to acquisition than to belonging. This is not surprising as historically our country’s heroes have been found lacking less in enterprise than in morality. They stole a continent not because they thought it right to dispossess the First Peoples, but because they wanted the land and could take it. They had guns and numbers and disease on their side. They used their religion to bolster their claim.

The blatant avarice and shameless deception of our present national culture is nothing new. Our penchant for confusing financial profit with virtue and personal gain with justice is as old as our United States. The first European ships to make landfall on our shores were propelled more by a hunger for riches than by a thirst for freedom. Our new-found liberty was drenched in the blood of people who had the misfortune of being here first.

Perhaps that explains the fear on the part of some of our citizens when faced with the prospect of new arrivals in this land. Our history shows us what chaos immigrants can bring upon native-born folk. Those who can’t or won’t accommodate the new order just disappear.

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