Sunday, April 15, 2018

If not now, never...

Church of the Transfiguration, Saluda North Carolina

More and more, in my final chapter, I'm convinced that a contemplative mindset is the only effective antidote for the materialist dominator-exploiter culture we live in. Dualistic linear thinking has brought us to this point where most people assume that in order for one to have more, others must have less. The notion of scarcity is a subtle kind of heresy. God is ever enough, hence God's world is enough in the sharing. Sharing, hospitality is the soul of the Gospel.

We do not live our life on our own terms. We possess no more than we are able to give away. God so loved the world that He gave, scripture tells us. God so loves the world that She gives. "Love one another as I have been loving you." (John 13:34) This is the only kind of life Jesus describes as his disciples' calling. This is not something we must do in order to get to heaven one day. If we are doing this, we are already in God's Kingdom. If that isn't to our taste in present time, we won't be at home with it for eternity.

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