Friday, April 27, 2018

An Unaccustomed Music...

I've started work on a new novel, another expedition into Appalachian noir. Not quite a mystery, but there is a crime involved, and a love story, maybe even a ghost or two

If An Unaccustomed Music ever gets written and published, the book probably won't resemble the above picture at all, but I do have a tentative title, and a couple of fairly solid chapters, along with a rough idea of the plot.

This one requires some research, as it is a made-up story about real people. They are safely dead, however, and in their fictional disguises, readers would be hard put to recognize them now. More than the startling things uncovered, the chief rewards of doing literary research are the new friends made in the process.

For those few still interested, the Slick Rock Creek manuscript currently resides in the slush piles of several U. S. publishers. A couple of them claim to be actually reading it. I'll keep you posted.

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