Thursday, March 29, 2018

Surrender or fly...

 We live in a culture where souls are valued only as consumers or commodities. In current USA, if you are one, you are pretty much assured of being the other. Every scrap of information relating to our individual identities is for sale somewhere to one corporate entity or another. In this economy, only corporations can claim full rights as people.

We can surrender, of course, to the mass illusion, and recline in mindless gratification until our privileges are withdrawn, either by death or by the corporate state. Or we can repent, resist, reorient our wills toward a worldview where every soul is honored as divine embodiment, where knowledge is the servant of wisdom, and love is the ground of all law.

Such a world may appear as fantasy when seen from the maze of mirrors most of us inhabit in our daily lives, but viewed under the unfiltered sky, we see it is reality, after all. The Kingdom of Heaven really is at hand, if we can tear our gaze away from our screens long enough to behold it.

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