Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Digging the words...

Robinson Community Garden, Saluda NC

Writing a story is just off-dirt gardening. Both require one to dig, till, plant,weed, water and wait. Sometimes what comes up is not at all the anticipated. Right now, I'm wondering what to do about the sweet potato vines that have volunteered from last year. Somehow, I must have missed something.

Off-dirt, The novel that has been bugging me since last summer is threatening to become two. I need to decide which to finish first. Meanwhile, concentrating on some short stories that are popping up contrary to all intention or expectation.. Current plan is to try to stumble across enough new tales by the end of the year to make a decent collection.

It looks like spring may find my last completed (not to mention reviled, revised and re-written) novel manuscript, Slick Rock Creek, still making the rounds, looking for a home closer home.


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