Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ryan and Tiger - a parable...

Everybody warned Ryan not to keep the tiger in his house. He answered,
"Oh, Tiger's just a pet. He's harmless enough. Besides, he'll keep salesmen and panhandlers away."

Every day, when Ryan came home from work, his little dog, Nameless met him at the door, jumped into his arms and licked his face. One day Ryan came home and his son, Fred opened he door. "Where's Nameless? Ryan asked.

"Tiger ate him," Fred said.

"Be careful around Tiger." Ryan said.

"Don't worry, Dad," Fred answered, "Tiger likes me."

After that, Fred met Ryan at the door with a big hug every day when he came home. Then one day, Ryan's wife, Lula opened the door. "Where's Fred?" he asked.

"Oh, Tiger ate Fred," She said. "It took me all afternoon to clean up the mess. Dinner will be late."

"We can eat out," Ryan said, But maybe we should get rid of Tiger,"

"Oh, we're taller than Tiger," Lula said, "I think he'll respect us."

Every day after that, Lula met Ryan at the door until one day he came home, opened the door, and there stood Tiger, waiting for him.

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