Sunday, February 25, 2018

Giving what's due...

Sometimes, no matter how fast you dance, your feet just don't come down in the right place. Our good friend (and CPA) Paul drove up the mountain from Greenville last week to help us grapple with our tax returns. I was up after midnight the evening before his visit, rummaging  through boxes out in our garage to find some receipts I'd mis-filed. Paul is particular about documentation.

We appreciate that. We really do. We are careful to render unto Caesar everything he has coming. We do our lawful part to fund the war and build the wall and deport those who've trusted us for sanctuary. That's how a conscientious citizen winds up guilty as hell.

We acknowledge our sin, though, even as we commit it, humbly confessing among the righteous, trusting that God is more merciful than the Internal Revenue Service.

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