Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Getting up...

When we finally came to Saluda to stay, we arrived in the dark of night, during a winter storm. We slept on the floor for three nights before the truck carrying all our furniture was able to make it up the mountain.

Now, two years later, we are right back where we started, except now, we have a luxurious futon the Main Muse ordered from Japan. We sleep warm at nights, and my back doesn't hurt any more. 

Sleeping on the floor isn't for everybody perhaps, but I'd recommend it for old folks like me.
Getting up from the floor in the morning requires a solid intention. You get some exercise right off. By the time you're on your feet, you are awake and scared, as you should be, confronting your unknown future. 

If you slept on the floor, you don't begin your bright new day out of habit.

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