Wednesday, January 31, 2018

...and so we say.

…and so we say,

If I had only been in some other place,
or if I had been right here some other time,
if I had been given more to work with,
or been granted some wider chance,
I might have done some greater thing,
have more to show for my life.

But there is no greater thing
than to be true, right now, where you are,
with what you have, as you stand,
breath by breath, present to your moment;
the Life on which the world depends
was lived within walking distance.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Entreating the Muse...

I sought the Muse out in the night,
To beg if She might spare a light
That I might see my words aright,
My inspiration had gone numb.
She said, “Who put that in your head?
 I’d never waste my Sisters’ bread
On imaginations left for dead,
Is your own tongue stricken dumb?”
I answered, “Give them all your cake,
I only beg, for pity’s sake,
That as you pass, toss in your wake
One meagre mumbling crumb.”
She said, “I cannot lift your curse,
 But I will grant you to rehearse
This mildly esoteric verse,
’Til you find deeper depths to plumb.”

Monday, January 29, 2018

...on the way.

Arrivals are often overrated,
destinations, seldom all
that we anticipated.
Each passing scene enthralls
us day by day;
aventure’s what befalls
us on the way.