Monday, September 11, 2017


 In 2010, Jane Ella and I were members of the North Main Friends Meeting (Quakers) in Greenville SC. The consensus of the meeting was that we needed some music for worship, so I wrote some verses that another Friend, Don Shabkie, a talented pianist and composer, set to music for us.

A couple of these little "hymns" were actually sung in the meeting, but some members felt they tended to be too "Christocentric," to qualify as Quakerly music, so the compositions were set aside.
Don and I had a lot of fun dreaming them up, though. Here's one of them-

Lord Jesus, who for forty days
All company suspended
To walk the solitary ways
The Father had intended,

Out in the desert, vast and still,
While angels there attended,
You held fast to your Father’s will,
And all the beasts befriended.

O Christ, guide me upon your road
I’ve scarcely comprehended,
And hold me up beneath my load
Until the journey’s ended

At home, before the Father’s face,
Where you have gone before us
To make for us a dwelling place
To shelter and restore us.

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