Saturday, July 8, 2017

Nothing but...

I’m not a theologian. The terms church people use when they discuss the finer points of religious doctrine seem to me, frankly, pretty much beside the point. Original sin, for example. There is nothing very original about sin. It’s all been done before. My own sins have generally resulted from a poverty of imagination.

Then there are all the disputes and conjectures about the precise nature of concepts like Trinity and Incarnation. Jesus didn’t use words like this. Jesus didn’t write a manual for how to do church, Jesus wasn’t even a Christian. Jesus, now, I have to take seriously.

He never told us to do anything he didn’t do himself. When we had done the worst to him we could think of to do, and left him dead in a hole in the ground, he comes right back and says, “Y’all, It’s still all about forgiveness.”

I can contrive an argument against any of it, but that. There’s nothing you can say to Forgiveness but Yes.

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