Wednesday, July 5, 2017

...another good day.

Another good day. Temperature normal, and nothing hurts. Only ten days of antibiotics to go. So far, with the help of Jane Ella's homemade Greek Yogurt, my stomach is behaving tolerably well.

Between the rains, I went up to the garden and took a serious look around. Obviously, the grass hasn't been taking any sick days. But there are leeks and in a day or so, more zucchini. Plenty of mizuna yet. I'll plant a lot of it again before fall. Okra plants are coming right along. I need to stake some tomatoes.

No food tastes quite as good as what you grow in your own dirt. All the fine writers I have known personally, excepting one or two, have been great gardeners, but not all the great gardeners I have known have been fine writers, so there may not be a connection.

But gardening will teach you the importance of preparation, patience, paying attention, and keeping faith. A garden will remind you of what hasty and sloppy work now will cost you later. Those are all useful lessons for any vocation.

All that said, maybe the best thing about gardening is that a well-served garden might give you some tomato sandwiches to enjoy out on your porch on a summer afternoon, along with a tall glass of hibiscus tea, with ice in it, and maybe a little something else to round out the flavor.

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