Saturday, May 26, 2018

Barnaby report...

Barnaby, the heroic watch-bear at Feldenkrais Saluda, refused evacuation during the deluge last week, stayed at his post even when flood water began seeping through the walls. He kept his feet dry during the entire ordeal, even though a fine layer of silt covered the floor by dawnserly light.

The intrepid bruin oversaw clean-up operations over two days and declares the premises fit to welcome back clients at this point. If we had more friends like Barnaby, our lives would be a lot quieter.

Friday, May 25, 2018

When I say...

When I say I wish more people would read my books, I suspect, in my more clear and honest moments, that I what I really mean is that I wish more people would buy my books.

Nothing strange about that. Everybody, however much cash they have, feels they could use a little more. We all want to live the good life, and the good life requires funding. Plastic won’t take you much past the end of the month. To live long and prospel, you must have some real money to hand.

In a world where money rules, it surely can’t be a sin to crave some personally. But what if all of us who are able to live and do our work on what we have already, wanted more money so we could give it away to somebody who needed it more than us? Would that make us work harder? Would that make all our work more satisfying?

There are so many crying needs and causes in this world, so many broken and hurting people on this earth, nearer to the heart of God than extending our vacation an extra week or adding a new sun-room or preserving our favorite historical landmark. Yes, we are. Selfish, that is. Still, we can sometimes be generous with our leftovers.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Our May...

Our wet May has aroused the sedums, 
provoked them to prodigious bloom.
All around our door, the ground
 is carpeted in green hope 
aspiring to golden glory.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


As auld Rab used to say, "Best laid plans..". The house painters finally finished their washing and scraping just in time for the rains to start. Someday the rains will stop and we'll get some paint on our little house. If the forecast is accurate, it won't be this week or next.

There's no rushing workers or the weather. One simply endures both with whatever grace can be mustered.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Home sweet home...

Christians claim to long for that “house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens” that Paul of Tarsus wrote about in one of his letters to the church at Corinth. Yet we already have an abiding house not made with hands. It isn’t far off in some other dimension, but here and now.

We have trashed her, wounded her, desecrated her, yet in spite of all our walls and pavements, abuses, insults and depredations, Earth endures, ceaselessly renewing and sustaining, sheltering and inspiring. She is not defenseless, however, nor endlessly forgiving. We’d better learn to behave ourselves and cherish her life we share, before we find ourselves homeless in the dark.